*Generation Clash*

Retronaut Favorites: Queen

I discovered Queen in 2010 when I was going through my dad's CDs, and I remember asking him, "What is Queen?", and he put on Queen's Jazz album. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

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Premiere: Rocket Angel

At Generation Clash, we have been followed by many interesting artists, and one of our new favorites is Rocket Angel, a rock band from New York City!

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Premiere: The Great Leslie

The latest track from The Great Leslie is out now, and you've gotta hear. Lyrically, it discusses nostalgia. It talks about how we all miss social interaction. It's a reaction to COVID. Musically, it feels like a reminder that this struggle is temporary, things won't be abnormal forever.

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Just Push Play

Yesterday, I was trying to think of a new playlist idea, and I came up with the idea to create a playlist dedicated to all the artists I got into because I went out of my comfort zone.

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Under The Radar: Riot

Riot was formed in 1975 in New York City, after Mark Reale and Pete Bitelli recruited Phil Feit and Guy Speranza. They got together and recorded a four track demo, which they hoped was going to be part of a compilation of new rock bands.

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CCTV: April 2021

I don't remember the last time MTV played music videos. All I see is reruns of reality shows and sitcoms. I'm going to pick 10 music videos every month, old and new to share with you guys, because if I had a channel where I could play videos constantly, you would see videos constantly, not reality shows.

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