The Story Behind The Album: Profit Drama - Bored Iphone Yacht Club

Published on 28 March 2022 at 08:25

1: How did you decide on the title, “Bored Iphone Yacht Club"?

It has multiple meanings which is why I chose it as a title. Bored *Ape* Yacht Club is a NFT based online club. A lot of the NFT stuff claims to be for art, though what I've seen most is people getting rich. This stuff, though cool, has seemed to shift the industry, investors, and IRL connection between artists and fans. Something I’m very torn about. Undecided. We live in a Matrix.

2: What inspired you to create this album?

I had a collection of demos and tiny melodies from when I first started Profit Drama in 2019 to a few months ago that derive from a different creative place. Somewhere unknown & strange. I try to not throw pre-conceived expectation when it comes to music. I feel plenty of good musicians can make much better music if they ripped expectations they have about what making art means. Don’t go with the flow, be the flow.

3: Where was this album recorded?

I spent two weeks alone in my old family’s house in Sisters, Oregon with rations of food, drink. Never left the house. A few close friends joined the session a couple times. You can hear 'em on the record. 

4: What were you listening to while making this album?

I didn’t listen to any music while making this album. Definitely am going to try this method again for future projects. We’re already inspired by everything around us and what came before us. So, inspiration will always come through. But, i wanted to make clarity for myself. My sound. My songs. My voice. Stop trying to sound like someone. 

5: Who did the cover art for this album?

I made the cover art digitally on an iPad. Based off of a photo a friend took of me where I looked overly serious about myself. So, making that a cartoon makes it easier to get away with.

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