Generation Clash was founded in 2019 while I was sitting in my room going through my record collection and I realized that some of my favorite music was by artists that I never heard my friends talking about. It felt special that I discovered them from going to record stores and flipping through records and these artists caught my eye.

When I go record shopping, I never use Discogs to research an artist. I decide while I'm in the store because I want to use my instincts. It's so easy to use an app and find out exactly what something is, but I think it's better to pick what stands out to you.

After discovering artists like City Boy, Nantucket, Angel City, The Fools, Blackfoot, Sad Cafe, and Harlequin, I've realized that there are so many underrated artists who weren't promoted.

The reason why we know about music that is released is because it is promoted. Artists like the ones I mentioned weren't promoted and that's why not as many people know about them...and I think that it's unbelievable that unique artists have to struggle while ordinary artists get popular.

Despite the fact that these artists were overlooked, I found them, all these years later and thought they were interesting. This proves that they are great because out of any artist I could want to hear, it was these bands, and many others.

Popularity isn’t everything because it doesn’t mean something is great. Inspiration determines if something is great. If you hear a song and it inspires you to create, that’s something special. If a certain song can literally change how you feel, that’s special. If a song can impact you on that level, that is the definition of greatness because so few things are actually that powerful.

Listening to an artist does make a difference. It shows that you’re giving an artist a chance instead of criticizing them before you’ve even heard anything they’ve done. More often than not, you’re actually gonna like what you hear, but you have to give things a chance.

This doesn’t mean you have to love everything you hear, but by going out of your comfort zone, you’re expanding your horizons which is never easy, but it’s worth it to be open minded. You’ll start getting into stuff you never thought you could be into. You’re never confined to any genre. You can like a million genres if you want to. 

Listen to what you like, and be sure that it's because you like it, not because someone tells you to like it.

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