I published my first book in July 2020, and it's called Journey to Generation Clash.

In it, I talk about my journey to show you the importance of creating our own version of the mainstream. You’ll read about my early life and musical influence, my discovery of new technologies, the online streaming world, and what led me to creating my music blog, Generation Clash.

Some topics discussed in the book include:

  • the hows and whys to becoming a music detective
  • the many formats of the musical world
  • the benefits to expanding your personal music purview

Journey to Generation Clash aims to broaden your musical horizons by encouraging you to listen to new and/or unfamiliar formats, genres, and bands. You will love this book if you are a self-searcher, music-lover, artist, or just looking for some solid music recommendations.

If you're interested in ordering a copy, you can order directly from my BigCartel store:

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me!

You can write to:

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