Under The Radar: Bulletboys

Published on 23 February 2022 at 08:20

I remember discovering Bulletboys from Hit Parader magazine. My dad gave me a stack of back issues he had, and I still go through them and discover new bands!

I remember knowing about Bulletboys for a long time, but I started listening to them after I listened to Za-Za with my dad on our home stereo. For The Damned was my first favorite song by them, and eventually I burned the first album and Freakshow and I listened to them everyday.

I love all those albums for different reasons. Freakshow was an album that amazed me because there's so much variety on it and it's one of those albums where each song is good, and it flows really well as an album.

It may seem like I copy and paste this line in all of my UTR posts, but Bulletboys were a band that was overlooked due to grunge...and if I haven't made it clear, this was because record companies felt that hard rock wasn't interesting anymore, so they stopped funding promotion for rock acts, and put all that money into promoting grunge.

It's always made me sad to know that that's what happened, but I think it's really special that I've discovered these acts and I want to share their music. Great music was overlooked in order to fund a trend. It's wrong for any genre to not be promoted so another genre can get more popular. All music deserves to be heard and promoted.

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