New Releases: 2/20/2022-2/26/2022

Published on 25 February 2022 at 09:35

New week, more new releases you need to hear!

This week's new releases include: AWOLNATION & Tim Mcllrath, Blacktop Mojo, Bloodcat + Kami + Matte Roxx + Busby999, Cold Sugar, Endless Midnight, Kygo & DNCE, Avril Lavigne, The Lonely Ones, Profit Drama, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Santa Cruz, Scorpions, Sjay, Regina Spektor, Tears For Fears, Them Evils, Vanderwoolf and Emily Wolfe!!

All of these releases will be featured on The Songs You Need To Hear! Playlist updates are posted every Wednesday!

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