Premiere: Nory-J

Published on 10 September 2021 at 12:03

We have something wonderful to share. Today is the release date of the very first single by Nory-J, who is the indie pop pseudonym of former Bath phenomenon Jack Spooner. Band turned solo croc pot, the name has found itself with BBC Radio Bristol, international reviewers and throughout NEXT and Marks and Spencer stores across the UK.

If J-pop and Jazz conceived a musical mishap whilst listening to Gus Dapperton, Easy Life and Boy Pablo.. you’ll have yourself some energetic and quintessentially British Nory-J numbers!.

Batteries not included. May contain nuts. Choking hazard?

Tough Cookie is the first single since Bath phenomenon Jack Spooner weld his former band’s torch under Nory-J along the south coast!

Telling the story of a self-destructive love interest, the song is a quintessentially British journey close to Jack’s heart reflecting his own self-destructive tendencies in a one way conversation about remaining resilient through tough times. Performed on the biggest stage in Bath, and at a virtual TEDxBSU talk, the song is a hit among live music fanatics and Nory-J fans!

Jack hopes to keep the momentum of his other works being played in NEXT and M&S stores across the UK, and would love his pipes to be heard on both international and BBC air waves!

Check out Tough Cookie, you won't regret it.

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