Modern Day Rock

Published on 10 September 2021 at 12:01

At GenClash, we love to share playlists that are diverse in order to promote many genres instead of just one, but we've made an exception because there are so many great rock artists, new and old, making music that deserves to be heard.

This playlist is partially inspired by @beckuhbeck + @bandedpr because of their amazing ROCK MY SOUL playlist which has led to me discovering artists like BRKN LOVE, The Jacks, Dirty Honey, Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves, Andrew Hagar, and many others.

This playlist partially inspired by @cherricheetah + @wildhoneymag because of how they share the new rock, specifically NRM artists like Ready the Prince, ZIG MENTALITY, and cleopatrick, and I've discovered artists like hometown & young, The Scent, deepsix and more.

Very happy to call these two, and many others my friends that I knew before Generation Clash even existed and I'm amazed at how many artists I've discovered each week because of both of them.

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