Retronaut Selects: Mr. Big - Photographic Smile (1976)

Published on 13 September 2021 at 11:38

I first found out about Mr. Big in 2015, during a day when my dad and I were listening to a Japanese CD edition of it.

I remember thinking that they were really interesting, but that album wasn’t on Spotify so I wasn’t able to add those songs to my playlist.

When I was record shopping, I found a sealed copy of their album, “Photographic Smile” and I was amazed when I listened to it because it included some of the songs I remembered hearing on “Sweet Silence”.

It turns out that the Mr. Big albums were released and they included songs from earlier albums, which was most likely because they were trying to Americanize their music, which means that they included a popular single and tried to gain more exposure for the band in America since the only people who knew about their music would’ve been in Britain and Japan.

This album is absolutely incredible, and I’ve always thought that they would be one of those concerts you’d see at a college in an auditorium because when you listen to the album, it feels like you’re sitting in the room at an unplugged show.

Essential Tracks: Wonderful Creation, Romeo, Sweet Silence

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