New Releases: 11/14/2022-11/18/2022

Published on 18 November 2022 at 15:10

New week, more new releases you need to hear!

This week's new releases include: Aberdeen Is Dead, Acid Klaus, George Barnett, Anne Bennett, The Cold Stares, Death Valley Girls, Gavin Mitchell, Nina Hagen, Jukebox The Ghost, Leo Kelly-Gee, KISS, Lulu Tonight, Himalayas, Iron Maiden, Jacob Mathews, Henry Morris, James And The Cold Gun, Jane N' The Jungle, Jukebox The Ghost, Queen, The Revel, Taco, That Band Honey., Ultra Q, and Lauren Ruth Ward!

All of these releases will be featured on The Songs You Need To Hear! Playlist updates are posted every Wednesday!

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