Premiere: LULU Tonight

Published on 18 November 2022 at 15:15

The second single from Lulu Tonight is excellent. The listener will be amazed because the music and vocals are so unique. Give this a listen and share it with a friend.

Lulu Tonight is the multi-instrumental artistry of Max Yassky, New York based drummer/writer/producer. Lulu Tonight’s second single - Don’t Stop - drapes fearful and bleak tales from the road over a buoyant body of groove. The song’s chorus is a commitment to choose life in the face of absurdity: “Don’t stop, look in, figure it out.” The arrangement dances across stereo-space while big life lessons are boiled down to bite size choruses.

Don’t Stop is the second of five songs, conceived as an EP and set to release one single every month through February 2023. The EP as a whole centers around escaping personal and societal cycles of abuse.

Max wrote, produced, and recorded each instrument on the EP. Ryan Howe and Kyle Duke engineered the bulk of the recording at various studios including Mozart Street, The Carriage House, and several synth-stocked bedrooms. Matt Shane expertly mixed the EP, and Alex DeTurk mastered it at The Bunker.

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