Under The Radar: Wildside

Published on 16 November 2022 at 12:45

I discovered Wildside in Hit Parader! They were featured in the Shooting Stars column and there was an ad for their album, "Under The Influence"!

I remember listening to it on Spotify a long time ago and I didn't love it, but when I relistened to it a few years later, I felt differently. I was now aware that they were one of many bands that weren't promoted due to the rise of grunge, so that made me want to listen to this band. The record companies chose to promote grunge over this, a rock band that is impressive. 

I've discovered so many of these artists and I can't believe how record companies stopped promoting hard rock to promote grunge, when grunge isn't the superior genre. That's only my opinion, but if they wanted to be fair, then they'd promote both genres instead of only promoting one. 

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