New Releases: 8/21/2022-8/27/2022

Published on 26 August 2022 at 09:35

New week, more new releases you need to hear!

This week's new releases include: BathTub. Blondie, The Blue Stones Doc Burner, DREAMERS & Sueco, Terreyl Fields, Ayron Jones, Kiss, Lovechild, Ryan Perdz, Zach Person, Redlight King, Ronnie Simmons, Antighost, Bourbon House, The Cold Stares, Demolition 23, Elton John + Britney Spears, Games We Play, Marcus King, Kulick + Kellin Quinn, Muse, Pinkshift, Santa Cruz, Send Me Giants + Dev Gajan, and Elise Trouw!!

All of these releases will be featured on The Songs You Need To Hear! Playlist updates are posted every Wednesday!

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