From The Archives: Starz - Coliseum Rock (1978)

Published on 26 August 2022 at 09:40

[This is one of two albums I’m going to discuss that two albums that caused me to become more open minded about what I listen to.]

I vividly recall sitting upstairs in our music room, and I remember my dad putting on his Rykodisc edition of Coliseum Rock. I sat there in the middle of the room and all I did was listen.

I had listened to rock music before, but I was really starting to get into albums instead of only songs at this point in my life. I recall listening to different songs by Starz on Spotify, but hearing an entire album by them felt different. It was unlike anything I’d ever listened to before.

I didn’t realize how this would change my perspective on how I listened to music, because once I started listening to Starz, I wanted to listen to the albums. No more listening to one song. I wanted to hear the albums from beginning to end.

What really amazes me about Coliseum Rock is that it’s a journey. You see the highs and lows. You get to do what you love, but the freedom that comes with success can lead you to things that seem important when the only thing that matters is the music.

I was only 12 when I was starting to listen to this, but they were a band that was unlike any other to me, and I still feel that way. I didn’t really think about the meaning of a lot of lyrics until I was older because I always focused the tempo of the music instead of the message being conveyed.

Coliseum Rock is an incredible album. It has an accurate title because this is music that is meant to played to a stadium full of people.

I’ll end this with one of the many fantastic lyrics from that album, “Take it all to the top with no regrets.”

Essential Tracks: Take Me, Last Night I Wrote A Letter, It’s A Riot

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