Retronaut Jukebox: Sick Hot

Published on 6 September 2021 at 13:02

Retronaut Jukebox is back with it’s 25th installment! 

We created this playlist to share 10 old songs and 10 new songs to promote a diverse music taste. There are so many great acts, old and new, and we want to share these artists with you.

This month’s playlist includes: Asphalt Ballet, Silver Relics, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, Philip Sayce, Christine Renner, and more!!!

This month’s featured artist is the spectacular Sick Hot! So, read along to learn more about them and hear about their tune “Spirit Woman”.

I found out about Sick Hot from Banded's "STAFF PICKS" playlist, and it blew me away. From the first time I listened to that song, I knew that Sick Hot was a special band. Something different than a lot of new rock acts. Instead of being a band that imitates what has already been done, they stand out because the songs they create are their own. By this, I mean they are creating something original unlike most acts today.

A genre is alive when people are creating their own version of rock, rather than imitating other acts. Everyone should learn from Sick Hot, because the fact that they're creating something original is what makes them great.

(Just in case the playlist beside the graphic doesn't load, you can listen to the playlist here: Retronaut Jukebox)

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