Retronaut Selects: Top Secret - Top Secret (1979)

Published on 23 August 2021 at 15:35

I found out about Top Secret, one day when I was shopping at Gallery Of Sound and I saw the cover and thought it was interesting.

I wasn't sure of what kind of music it would be, but it caught my attention so I bought it. 

I finally gave it a listen, and it's a disco album! It's very funky and I really enjoyed it.

It's one of many albums that show the importance of having an open mind. Many people are afraid to get an album that might not be the genre they usually listen to, but it does matter to have an open mind and just listen. The artist you think you won't like might end up being your new favorite artist.

Essential Tracks: What You're Doin', I Like The D.J., Jealousy

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