Retronaut Selects: Skulls - Blacklight 13 (1987)

Published on 16 August 2021 at 13:22

I first found out about Skulls from going to Double Decker Records! It was an album that I found when I was flipping through the 50% off section, and it seemed odd that it was in that section because most of what I saw in that section was newer releases that were discounted. Since it was the only older release I saw there, I decided to ask the clerk if it was 50% off. He said that it was. That clerk ended up becoming one of my close friends, Chris, who works at Double Decker and is the DJ for the radio shows, A.M. Transistor, and now Midday Melodies!

This album is excellent!! It's punk, it's cohesive, and I love it! My copy of this album is a promotional copy and it was mint when I found it! I picked it out because it looked interesting and I wanted to know what it was. It's very rare because it was only pressed on vinyl once and cassette once! 

Usually, the song I add next to the album graphic is one of my "essential tracks", but this was the only song that came up from the album, so that's the one I included here! 

Definitely check this band out because they made music that deserves to be heard.

Essential Tracks: Fireball Beautiful In Black, Devil Doll

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