Under The Radar: Walter Egan

Published on 11 August 2021 at 12:51

My earliest memories of Walter Egan are from the Gallery Of Sound 24 South Main location. Before I became a serious record collector, I used to go through the used vinyl section at 24 South Main. While I was there, I would take pictures of the albums that caught my eye and I would take portraits of myself in the record store too.

Being in the record store early on wasn’t about record collecting. It was about the atmosphere, and I was finding myself, just starting to get into photography and starting to embrace my look.

With time, I did start collecting here and there, but taking cool portraits was my favorite thing to do back then. As a result, I have portraits from so many different days in the record store before that location of Gallery Of Sound closed in 2013.

Among the few artists I discovered and got on vinyl from that store include Katy Moffat, Translator, and Walter Egan.

I always recall seeing copies of “Fundamental Roll” and “The Last Stroll” and they stuck out to me because they were both white label promos! I had never heard of Walter Egan before, but it was something different than a lot of the more popular artists I saw like America and Aerosmith. I wasn't worried about getting albums by those artists because my dad has them in his collection.

I was appreciating what my dad accumulated when he was growing up, and I was breaking away from the norm to start my own collection.

I’ve had my Walter Egan albums for quite a while now, and they’re really interesting albums. The songs include rock, pop, and singer/songwriter elements. They also have people like Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham performing on them and those albums were recorded at Sound City Studios!

I don’t hear too many people talk about his work, but I think it’s a fascinating body of work, and one you should check out if you haven't already!

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