Retronaut Selects: The Laughing Dogs - The Laughing Dogs (1979)

Published on 19 July 2021 at 15:55

I first found out about The Laughing Dogs when I saw a copy of their album "Meet Their Makers" at Gallery Of Sound! I had no idea who they were, but something about it caught my attention. I got it and they turned out to be one of the many underrated acts from the new wave explosion...they just weren't one of the best known ones, and oddly, the best bands are never the ones who become extremely popular. Maybe they're too different...or in other words, they're original. 

I was able to finally get my copy of the first Laughing Dogs LP and my friend Chris sent me a message on Messenger saying that Double Decker Records had gotten a white label promo copy of their first album, and he'd put it aside for me! My parents and I took a trip to the store to look around and pick up that album, and I also found my promo of "Honor Among Thieves" by Artful Dodger that day!

The debut from The Laughing Dogs is excellent!!! They're so cool and honestly just a great band. Also, not many people know this, but the cover art for The Laughing Dogs debut was meant to be the cover for the first Wicked Lester album! However, the Wicked Lester album was shelved, and Wicked Lester became Kiss...and when The Laughing Dogs released their album, they used the Wicked Lester cover art for their cover.
Essential Tracks: I'm Awake, I Need A Million, It's Alright It's Ok

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