Ready the Prince: The Trilogy

Published on 7 July 2021 at 10:06

The last 3 RTP singles are part of a 3 part release. The singles were released in November 2020, March 2020, and June 2021. Every single in this release, but if you pay attention, it seems like it tells a story.

To celebrate the release of Lightning, the third and final single of this 3 part release, I wanted to write about my thoughts on each single and how I think it connects.


Regicide tells a story of something the world is going through in many ways. From politics to music, we are never told "out with the old and in with the new", we are taught to believe that "if it's not broken, don't fix it".

If it isn't broken, it shouldn't be fixed, but this is only true if what's happening is giving everyone the chance they deserve, instead of believing what we're told instead of thinking in new ways. If everyone doesn't have a chance to make the world a better place, then it is broken and it should be fixed.

I think it's true that there are a lot of outdated views that people have, and they should do their research before passing judgment.

Things need to be done differently, and this can only be achieved by being someone who wants change.

Think it about it like this. When we're young, we're always told to fit in, not to be accepted. Being accepted is out of our control, but fitting in is easy. Just because it's easy doesn't mean it's what you should do. Standing out is scary because you get criticized, but people are only talking about what you're doing if it's getting their standing out isn't so bad after all.


Pray reminds us that we've all struggled. We all struggle with if we're doing things as quickly as our friends, because it matters what our peers think. No two people are the same, so you're ready when you're ready.

In time, you'll realize that you have to find yourself before you can do anything. If you're distracted, you'll never succeed. Finding yourself is how you save yourself. This doesn't mean you'll avoid getting hurt, but you have to take chances and learn from the people around you and you will gain a clearer understanding of yourself.

We all have needs, but it's never worth it if it's with the wrong person.

When you're someone who is causing change, you will have moments of realizing that you impact people. People will be inspired by you, and it's interesting because you think of yourself as a regular person, but if you were regular, you'd never want to cause change. You'd want to be like everyone else.

All the pressure we feel is momentary. As quickly as we feel it, it's gone, so it's important to realize that that feeling of pressure is part of success because anyone else would give up when it gets hard, but not the ones who truly want what they are working for.

There's a quote by Steve Jobs that says that "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

This quote is true. We all believe that we can't change the world, but if you aren't afraid to say what you want to say, then you can change the world. Someone is listening. Maybe everyone won't listen, but someone will.

Nothing worth having is ever gotten easily, but that tells us that what's worth having is hard, and that makes it worth it. It may be a lot of work but to have what you truly want is worth that wait.


Lightning describes something we all feel. That overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. Maybe it's the feeling of being overworked, and knowing that you have to take a break.

All the thoughts we have that make us rethink everything, make us think that we made all the wrong decisions when we're persevering. We're all doing our best with what we know.

That feeling of lightning can that feeling that just shows up, uninvited, but it doesn't stop it from happening. There's also those feelings of realizing that it's all in your mind, and this happens to us because we're supposed to learn from these repetitive thoughts. Why is this staying in my head??

It's there for a reason, it doesn't disappear until you figure it out.

The same way that lightning can be a burst of negative thoughts, it can be a feeling of positive thoughts too. Like when you didn't understand something for a long time, but you just got it. You finally realize what it means.


Regicide, Pray, and Lightning tell a story of being different, overcoming difficulty, persevering. It teaches us: We have to be the change we want to see. Nothing worth having is gotten easily. All of the thoughts in your head are there to help you gain clarity.

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