Retronaut Jukebox: Vanderwoolf

Published on 2 July 2021 at 14:22

Retronaut Jukebox is back with it’s 23rd installment!

We created this playlist to share 10 old songs and 10 new songs to promote a diverse music taste. There are so many great acts, old and new, and we want to share these artists with you.

This month’s playlist includes: Dan Reed Network, Liberty Deep Down, Adam Bomb, Brand Of Julez, Love/Hate and more!!

This month’s featured artist is the tremendous Vanderwoolf! So, read along to learn more about them and hear about their tune “Shake Rattle”.

Shake Rattle is a song that feels like a slow burn, but Vanderwoolf makes a slight transition instead of a drastic one, so it feels how you'd feel if you were in that situation.

It starts slowly, and it builds in a way that captures the attention of the listener by fascinating them, and making them want to hear what happens next.

It's so unique and everything in this song is executed excellently.

Shake Rattle will fascinate you, give you chills and leave you wanting more.

(Just in case the playlist beside the graphic doesn't load, you can listen to the playlist here: Retronaut Jukebox)

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