Under The Radar: Mother May I

Published on 30 June 2021 at 10:53

I first heard about Mother May I from my dad, and I always remember him talking about their song “Poison Dart”.

I first heard them during my cassette phase when my dad passed down his copy of “Splitsville” to me. It was an advance promo version that was given to him by Mike, who he’d met when he went to The Recording Workshop, and Mike eventually became Mother May I’s soundman.

He and my dad stayed in touch after, and they met up in the city and my dad got to see Mother May I live!!  He recalls that they had an awesome guitar sound.

My dad always told these stories as I was growing up, and I remember listening to Splitsville in pieces since I only had a short amount of time to listen to tapes at night because it was around 8 PM, and we used get done and get to bed by 10 since we had school during the week.

This was about 2012, but we’re going to fast forward to 2018.

One day, when I was doing some of my college work, last semester, I was trying to figure out what I listen to, and I had Splitsville on my phone and I felt inclined to finally give it a proper listen and I absolutely loved it and it’s been one of my favorite albums ever since!

I’ve listened to “Painted On” so many times I’ve lost count.

My love for Mother May I was reignited last weekend after I had gotten some mixtapes from a friend, and “Nothing To Do” was featured on one of them. I freaked out because it was a Mother May I song I’d never heard before and I thought I knew all their songs.

I found out that it comes from the “Use Your Appetite For Spaghetti EP, and I’m looking around to find an original copy of that CD because it’s the only CD release I’m missing besides Breaking Up At X-Mas.

Anyways, I’ve been listening to Splitsville all week, so I figured it would be fitting to make this criminally underrated, fantastically unique, and genuinely awesome band as my showcase for the week!!

Sadly, Spotify only has Splitsville, but there’s so much great Mother May I stuff, but you have to really search to find it. Like I say, the best stuff is always found by digging deep.

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