Retronaut Favorites: Neon Trees

Published on 9 June 2021 at 10:09

I first found out about Neon Trees in 2012, after hearing “Everybody Talks” on “Universal Music Group Record Store Day Sampler 2012″.

However, I did know about them in 2010, when they used to play the music video “Animal”, and somehow I never knew what band did that song. I always remembered hearing it, and I always tried to figure it out but I never could.

After hearing “Everybody Talks”, I wanted to hear more from them.

Eventually, one day when my family and I went to Best Buy, I got a copy of “Picture Show” and it became all I listened to.

After getting crazily into “Picture Show”, I eventually got a copy of “Habits” and then it happened.

The mystery song was by Neon Trees. How crazy is it that the song I could never figure out was by my all time favorite band in 2012??

It blew my mind, to be completely honest. I was so happy to finally solve that mystery.

Then, in 2014, “Pop  Psychology” came out. Now, I actually had a love/hate relationship with this album, because of when I got into it and a debate over if I thought it was good enough.

I took some time away from it, but I found my way back to it when I was ending high school and starting college, and it made me really nostalgic and I felt differently than when I used to listen to it.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to “Teenager In Love”, “First Things First” and “Text Me In The Morning”.

I’ve always loved the Neon Trees because I always felt that they were different than everything else in the mainstream, and there was this older vibe that isn’t common in music today and I always loved that about them.

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