New Releases: Ready the Prince - Book Of Oji (2023)

Published on 18 September 2023 at 07:55

Today is the day that Ready the Prince release their debut album, "Book Of Oji".

I discovered Ready the Prince in 2020 when I saw a tour poster that said that they were opening for BRKN LOVE.

I remember listening to Paralysis and PB&J, and it took me time to love it because I couldn't process how amazing these songs were. They were so different from any other band I was listening to and so much was going on. I recall putting pressure on myself to listen to it and that was why I wasn't enjoying it. I wasn't letting myself listen without pressure. I put RTP on another day and I pressed play and I couldn't believe how amazing they are.

Ready the Prince is one of my favorite bands that I've stayed into because everything they release isn't copying someone else. Everything they do is original and this is the music that we should be looking for because more people imitate what has been done rather than creating something original.

Book Of Oji is fantastic. I'm left speechless by them and I have a million things I could say. If there's any album you need to hear on this New Music Friday, it's Book Of Oji by Ready the Prince.

Essential Tracks: Death, Sabertooth, In Vain

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