Foreplay: A&M's Pre-Release Sampler

Published on 18 September 2023 at 07:50

Foreplay was a pre-release sampler series created by A&M to promote upcoming releases. They came in colored diecut sleeves and came with booklets so record store owners could find out more about the artists featured on the samplers and they could order their albums to sell them in their store.

I discovered Foreplay at Gallery Of Sound in the sampler section. I started collecting them and I discovered artists like Leyden Zar, Peter Allen, Lazy Racer, Gato Barbieri, Tim Weisberg, Atlantic STarr, Rick Roberts, and Wazmo Nariz!

I wanted to write an article about these samplers and create a playlist so I could share my discoveries from these samplers and share how diverse these samplers were. From pop to rock to funk to so much more, Foreplay included music from many genres rather than just one.

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