New Additions To The Songs You Need To Hear: 11/2/22

Published on 2 November 2022 at 13:30

We only ask you to do one thing. All we ask you to do is listen.

The Songs You Need To Hear has updated with 60 tunes you need to hear!

This week's new additions include: Sweet Water, The Great Affairs, Down North, Soraia, Palaye Royale, Mixed Up Everything, Heroes and Monsters, Dawn After Dark, White Reaper, Milk, Diesel, Cop Shoot Cop, Artificial Agent, UPSAHL, Stuck On Planet Earth, The Hunna, Quarters Of Change, Lee Aaron, Hiding Salem, Jailhouse, Wireless, Rat Motel, The Silver Lines, Madre, The Riven, Fox Jackson, Ben Harper, Dan Reed Network, and Iron Maiden!

Listen to this week's new additions and all the other tunes we feature in the playlist under the playlist graphics!

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