Retronaut Selects: Young Turk - N.E. 2nd Ave. (1992)

Published on 19 September 2022 at 09:30

I discovered Young Turk while listening to a Concrete Corner sampler! The first song I heard by them was "The Saddest Song (La Di Da)" and I was blown away by it. I had listened to my Concrete Corner tapes, but how did I not notice this band before?

I wanted to hear their whole album, and as I had expected, it didn't disappoint. Their debut album is a diverse selection of uptempo, midtempo, and downtempo tunes. I can't compare their music to anyone's because they are so unique!!

Like many rock bands who were overlooked due to the rise of grunge, give this album a listen and find out what the industry felt was inferior to grunge...which is why albums like this weren't promoted.

Essential Tracks: The Saddest Song (La Di Da), Wine, For No One In Particular

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