From The Archives: Foreigner - Double Vision (1978)

Published on 16 September 2022 at 15:50

I got into this album because my dad had an extra copy that was a later pressing and he gave it to me when I  started collecting vinyl.

Before I really had my own collection, my dad let me dig through his and borrow whatever I wanted and that’s how I got into so many different albums on vinyl. I knew a lot of it from hearing on CD, but once I got a turntable, everything changed.

I got to hear all the bands from my teenage years like Starz, Riot and Waysted on vinyl!

Something about watching the record spin and just letting side one and side two play allows you to listen to an entire album rather than picking individual tunes.

With that, I started listening to Double Vision, which is an insanely popular album. It is also an insanely great album. Hot Blooded was one of the best known songs from it, but there’s so much more to Double Vision than just this tune.

Essential Tracks: Love Has Taken It’s Toll, Lonely Children, Blue Morning, Blue Day

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