Retronaut Selects: The Delusions - Into This (1990)

Published on 12 September 2022 at 08:00

The debut album by The Delusions is amazing.

I discovered them when I found a sealed copy of Into This at Gallery Of Sound a few years ago.

These guys are from Pringle, PA, which is about 25 minutes from Scranton, PA. Since they were a local act, they probably went to record stores and gave them copies of their album to sell. This is how independent acts promoted their album, they had to go to a record store and give them a few copies to sell. 

This is a rare, independent record that you need to hear.

Essential Tracks: 'Bout A Horse, Compost Destiny, No Love Today

(This album isn't on Spotify or YouTube, so the only way you'll get to hear it is if you find a vinyl or cassette copy!)

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