Under The Radar: Kik Tracee

Published on 24 August 2022 at 08:05

I discovered Kik Tracee in my dad's CD collection. A few years ago, I picked a bunch of CDs to burn including albums by Jesus Jones, The The, and Motherland. I noticed an EP called Field Trip by Kik Tracee and I burned it, listened to it and was very impressed with what I heard.

"Blood Brother" is a song I've listened to many times while studying, and "Field Trip" is a song I listen to every time I'm in the car. I remember listening to Field Trip on my Bluetooth radio when I was swimming in our home pool.

I listened to Field Trip, and then No Rules. I loved the EP and I wanted to listen to their album. I listened to it for the first time in a while yesterday and it's an incredible album. It always surprises me that people didn't see how amazing and unique bands like Kik Tracee are. I know that grunge was popular, so promotion for hard rock/heavy metal acts was a lot less so not as many people would've known about it because it wasn't promoted. This is another name on my list of bands who are impressive but weren't promoted. Why wasn't this music promoted the same way grunge was? Why are certain bands promoted and certain bands aren't?

As I write these posts, I realize how important GenClash is. I share so many artists that people don't talk about. I can't explain how I always manage to find the ones that I don't see people talking about...but I've discovered so many of them and I want to share them, not because I want to be known as the person who discovered them, but because these are bands who deserve to be listened to. They made original music and that's the kind of music that should be promoted.

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