Interview: Krooked Tongue

Published on 29 August 2022 at 09:45

1: How did you decide on the name, “Krooked Tongue”? 

The name was inspired by a discontinued clothing brand with a different spelling and it was the  classic ‘that’d be a good band name’. So here we are hah!  

2: What inspires you to create? 

Seeing so many of our favourite bands both live and in terms of listening to their records and  knowing how that makes us feel. The energy that transpires through art is an anomaly. Whether it’s  music, film, art. It all contributes to the creative process.  

3: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be in a creative profession? 

If you’re just starting and want to create, then it has to come from you. YOU have to start just  making whatever it is YOU want make. It’s never always easy, but it should always be something  you love doing.  

4: Do you feel open minded about what you listen to? Do you like going out of your comfort zone? 

Yeah absolutely! Our music taste has roots in in lots of different genres. We definitely take  influence from everywhere we can. (Oli)I know vocally, when I’m writing toplines I like to delve into  areas that are interesting to my melodic ear and how I can transpose those ideas into the sounds  that we make. For example, rap/hip hop phrasing. Which has been done by many bands before of  course, like RATM but in more recent times songs like ‘My Name is Human’ by Highly Suspect is  one I think of immediately in terms of phrasing.  

There’s just so many great rock bands at the moment though, it’s easy to take influence from  everywhere!  

5: What outlets do you find out about music from? (Record stores, magazines, samplers, etc.) 

These days I suppose it’s easier than ever to find new music. Which is both a blessing but also a  curse. Gone are the days of committing to an album on a whim and learning to love every song on  said album. Even the ones you didn’t take a shine to at first. On the plus side, it does mean you  can venture into different musical realm at less of a monetary risk, leaving the door open for the  listener to be exposed to music from every facet of the world!  

6: What is your favorite format to listen to music on? (CD, Vinyl, etc.) 

Vinyl is the coolest for sure, but I think growing up in the early 00’s we do miss the CD! Those  tacky, often chunky plastic coffins that held a usually even more horrific looking disk inside.  Although nothing used to beat jamming along to a homemade mixtape/CD on a long drive! BRING  BACK THE CD! 

7: How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business? 

Again, I think it’s a two sided issue. It has allowed for artists to express themselves more freely,  and have more of a say on how they are presented in their art. On the other side, it feels that  sometimes the mystique of the art is slightly diminished with the transparency of social media. The  demand for online profiles to keep artists relevant has made the ART more of a business venture 

than an expression of the makings of a creative’s heart and soul. Although it is always important to  adapt with the times.  

8: Who was the first band/artist that became your favorite band? 

Oli: Hmm first favourite band… Probably The Stereophonics!  

Dan: METALLICA! (What else is there to be said really)  

Harry: I’ve always been a die hard fan of QOTSA (Queen’s of the Stone Age). I’ve got the symbol  for ‘Songs for the Deaf’ on my forearm!  

9: Do you have any hobbies outside of music? 

Yeah for sure, we have individual hobbies of course but collectively we love going out and seeing  gigs, seeing mates, we do love a pint too aye!  

10: What was the inspiration for your song “Vampyre”? 

‘Vampyre’ is a song that’s all about going out and having fun, personified in this case by the  imagery of Vampirism. Although, It’s all open to interpretation. What do you think of when you hear  it? 

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