Interview: Alex Mitchell

Published on 20 December 2021 at 10:12

1: How did you decide on the name, “Circus Of Power"?

I'm interested in 'Mexican sorcery', which is a vague term for it, but the Carlos Casteneda books had/have an influence on my life, I guess it was my way of describing the world we live in.

2: What inspires you to create?

I just thought being a singer was a cool thing to do, I've always loved music so being a part of it is a huge thrill. There is a hunger, though, in me that wants to constantly create, I guess it's because the people I admire are so talented it's like they are magical, whether it's the Damned or John Coltrane or Robert De Niro or Elizabeth Taylor or Charles Bukowski it's all the same...but really I don't know what got me started, or why.

3: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be in a creative profession?

I never give advice to anyone as a general rule, because I've fucked up more things than you can imagine. But if I was to give advice I'd say be original, do your own thing, blaze your own trail.

4: Do you feel open minded about what you listen to? Do you like going out of your comfort zone?

I'm completely open minded musically, whatever is good is good. Kris Kristofferson, Slayer, Frank Sinatra, Gershwin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bad Brains, I go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

5: What outlets do you find out about music from? (Record stores, magazines, samplers, etc.)

It used to be that all of the good music would be heard on the radio, up until the late 70's. Then you had bands, mostly on the punk scene and the alternative end of things that were starting their own labels or going with a small label so it became a word of mouth thing, you heard it on the street or some obscure radio station. Now it seems like everything has been absorbed by the computer world. Whether that is good or bad depends on who you are. For me I hear very little new music that I like, really, for about the last 20 or 30 years. Sometimes a jewel appears though, like I heard Shannon And The Clams 'Year Of The Spider' the other day on a radio station and caught a buzz on it immediately.

6: What is your favorite format to listen to music on? (CD, Vinyl, etc.)

I like them all.

7: How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

I have a soft spot for the way the old guard ran things, that is the big record companies, I don't know there was something glamorous about it bands or artists that get famous on Instagram or Tik Tok or whatever the fuck almost always suck, although most of the bands on the big labels also suck, so there's a lot of suckage going on. The good thing about the digital revolution/internet is that it gives small bands a chance to record cheaply and gain fans through a whole different medium.

8: Who was the first band/artist that became your favorite band?

The Beatles.

9: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I like old muscle cars and Harley Davidsons. I like reading, working out, writing. I self publish books. I wrote one last year that is actually pretty good. It's called CARRIE: CONFESSIONS TO A DEAD LOVER. I'll include an excerpt. I'm getting more printed up and you can order through my facebook page. 'Al Mitchell.'

"Can you do me a favor Carrie? Can you tell me some of your wild stories while I'm doing the dishes? Can you tell me about your grandmother's jewels that are hidden in the walls and where it was in East L.A. where your father got shot?

When I Iook back now I get it, I realize that you weren't meant to hang around too long on this mysterious planet- you who were like a Roman candle, hissing when lit and then rocketing into the blackness of the California sky, exploding into a million fantastic colors that illuminated the young lovers that walked on the midnight sands below. You were like-"

10: What was the inspiration for your song “Working Class Superstar”?

I'm a working guy, we are a small band that doesn't travel on private jets. It's about the life of a working man or woman, trying to rise above the drudgery with humor and passion.

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