Under The Radar: Sad Cafe

Published on 15 December 2021 at 08:15

I found out about Sad Cafe from Spotify. I used to discover countless artists from looking at the "Fans Also Like" section on different artists profiles.

Even though I knew about Sad Cafe from Spotify, I started getting into them on vinyl after I had found a copy of "Misplaced Ideals" on vinyl at Double Decker Records, and I eventually got "Politics Of Existing" from them too. I also got their self-titled album, "Sad Cafe" and "Facades" from a warehouse sale.

I love each of their albums  for different reasons, but their 1980 self-titled is one of my all time favorite albums. It's unique and it's music that fits different moods. I've listened to their music while cleaning and doing art. Their music is laid back and it helps me to unwind.

Like many acts from this time period, Sad Cafe was a band that wasn't properly promoted and it caused them to not be widely known. Maybe I say this a lot, but I'll never understand why the most unique acts are the ones to who struggle to be promoted. Why would someone not want to promote music that's different?

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