Under The Radar: Circus Of Power

Published on 1 December 2021 at 12:02

I discovered Circus Of Power from my dad’s CD collection, and I knew them only as a name for a long time. 

After my dad gave me a bunch of his cassette singles, and my mom bought me a new cassette player as a college graduation gift, I took out a few cassette singles and “Heaven & Hell” by Circus Of Power was one of them. 

After I listened to it, my only thought was that I had to hear the entire album. My dad has Magic & Madness on CD, and I burned it so I could listen to it in full.

Something I remember about listening to it the first time was that I really enjoyed each song, and I had a similar experience with “Open To The Public” by Spread Eagle, which I discovered the same day as “Heaven & Hell”, from another cassette single. I think that these albums are meant to be listened to as albums, but the songs are enjoyable on their own. It’s one of many albums from that time period that had great songs, but was also a great album. It wasn’t just one or two good songs and the rest of the album was mediocre. Every tune was worth listening to.

I’ve been listening to Circus Of Power a lot lately, the older songs, the newer songs...and everything this band has done is interesting. They are unique because of the stories they tell in their lyrics and the music that accompanies it.

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