Retronaut Favorites: Cage The Elephant

Published on 24 November 2021 at 08:20

I got into Cage The Elephant in 2011, after their album, “Thank You Happy Birthday” was released.

It was the most bizarre album I had ever heard. At this time, I was only listening to Queen, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was also starting to listen to 1980s/1990s hard rock music.

I never really acknowledge the fact that I had a phase of my life that each Cage The Elephant album played a a role in...but I think about it now, and I think it's really interesting that their music played a part in different parts of my life.

Cage The Elephant were one of the bands that made me want to dig deeper into newer indie/alternative stuff, so as I recollect these times, I realize that it was thanks to all these artists that I became so open minded. That allowed me to get into so many different genres of music, especially because I had this mindset from a young age.

They’re truly one of the bands that astound me the most because they’ve evolved, but whatever they create is always Cage the Elephant. It's always interesting.

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