Retronaut Selects: Every Mother's Nightmare - Wake Up Screaming (1993)

Published on 22 November 2021 at 11:35

I first found out about Every Mother’s Nightmare from a cassette single my dad gave me. It was a cassette single of House Of Pain and I was truly impressed.

I wanted to hear the whole album, and the album doesn’t disappoint.  Musically, it’s melodic and heavy. Lyrically, it’s honest and it makes you think. 

Songs like “I Hate Myself”, “House Of Pain”, and “Slip & Fall” make me think about why people rely on things to distract themselves from their problems. Life is overwhelming and existing isn’t easy. Perseverance is a very important characteristic to have in order to survive. Life has highs and lows. Good and bad.

Wake Up Screaming is not only a fantastic album, it has lyrics that will make you think.

Essential Tracks: Break Down, House Of Pain, Already Gone

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