Under The Radar: The Front

Published on 3 November 2021 at 12:51

I first found out about The Front from going through my dad’s CD collection.

Weirdly, it was always an album I knew about but I never got around to checking it out until I found an original vinyl copy when I went record shopping!

Not only is my copy of it a promo, it includes the press bio and the press photo too! My copy is pristine and I’ve listened to it countless times since I got it.

I'll always remember how what I thought of “Fire” the first time I listened to it. It was such a cool tune, and then I heard the rest of the album and I was obsessed with everything on it.

I find The Front really cool because they have these vibes of Alice Cooper and The Doors, but with a hard rock edge so it’s interesting to listen to.

They’re a really great rock group, and it’s crazy that they only ended put out one album, because they’re such a cool group.

It’s unbelievable that these record companies don’t promote the bands they should promote, because the time gets put into artists that are what the public wants to hear. This has caused an countless great bands to fade into obscurity while the same, ordinary stuff gets popular.

You’d think that record companies would promote what’s different, but they don’t because it’s a risk to put money into something original. This is because no one knows if it’ll succeed and a record company isn’t gonna lose money. They’re gonna stick with what works which is best for the record companies, but not what’s best for the listeners who want to hear something different.

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