New Releases: Va Va Voom

Published on 10 December 2021 at 10:35

The debut EP from New York rock quartet Va Va Voom is a stellar example of modern rock. Many people ask if rock is dead, when there are countless artists keeping the genre alive.

This EP is one you've gotta hear because of the superb musicianship, impressive execution, and excellent production. Most music today only has the vocals accentuated and that's not the case with Va Va Voom. Everything is accentuated so you can hear everything happening. Vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. This is the way that music should be produced.

Va Va Voom is one of many acts keeping rock alive by creating their own version of it, instead of repeating what has already been done.

Essential Tracks: Coming Out Swinging, Lover For Hire, Friends Like These

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