Under The Radar: Teaze

Published on 20 October 2021 at 10:03

I first heard about Teaze in 2013. I found out about them from seeing them in vintage Japanese music magazines like Music Life and Ongaku Senka!

My dad has a large collection, and when we flip through them, we always put music on and it’s so crazy to see how many interesting bands were featured in those magazines.

For some reason, Teaze was a band that I have a similar story of getting into them, the same way I got into Strapps.

I saw them in a number of issues, and I figured, if this band is being featured this often they must be great.

So, I made time and I checked them out and they are excellent!!

I’ve always listened to “On The Loose”, specifically “Ready To Move” and in the past year I’ve finally started listening to the other albums too.

I felt motivated to finally make this playlist because yesterday I saw that Spotify finally had all the albums!! For the longest time, they’ve only had “On The Loose” and “A Taste Of Teaze”, and it’s wonderful to finally see the complete catalog on there!

Teaze is one of the many, fantastic yet underrated rock bands. There were many amazing acts around when punk and new wave were taking over.

To me, they’re an fantastic band, because I've always thought they were great. I always feel inclined to listen to them, and whenever I do, I remember how amazing they are.

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