With A Little Help From My Friends

Published on 15 October 2021 at 10:15

I’ve always loved music, and I’ve discovered so many artists not only because of my curiosity, but because of my friends.

The first person has caused me to discover so many artists. Her name is Rebecca Potzner, and she’s the one who introduced me to artists like Weathers, Dirty Honey, Brand Of Julez, Them Evils, Big White Light, ShyGodwin, The Jacks, Sick Hot, BRKN LOVE, Maneskin, Joyous Wolf, Corey Britz, Under the Influence of Giants, Blacktop Mojo, Florence Black, Whiskey Myers, KISS KISS BANG, Cowgirls, Joshua & The Holy Rollers, Tetrarch, The Georgia Thunderbolts, Them Dirty Roses, Friday Giants, Vella, Shiraz Lane, Kelsy Karter, Andrew Hagar, Crown Lands, Watermox, Of Limbo, LEVARA, Kim Logan, The New Respects, Titans Of Siren, Electric Revival, Natalia Soul, Achilles Heel, V*A*S*E, Iron Point and many more.

My friend, Cherri Cheetah has caused me to discover artists like The Scent, Wild Truth, Quick & Painless, hometown & young, deepsix, Baby Strange, Zach Person, Bad Waitress, Waste Youth, The Effens, Bad Nerves, Unknown Vandals, Aimless, Games We Play and more.

Because of my friend Tess, known as SafetyTess, I’ve discovered acts like Annie DiRusso, BAD CHILD, Joe August, Micky James, Blame Candy, Disq, Bad Sounds, Kasey, SOBBRS, John Foley, Welles, Yellow Ostrich and more.

The team at Banded, founded by Rebecca Potzner, has caused me to discover countless artists. Baylee is the reason that I know about The Living Street. Sara is the reason I know about The Last Bandoleros.

The team at Rock Coven, founded by Courtney Myers and Chloe Robbins has caused me to discover artists like The Luka State, ARXX, BathTub, Deva St. John, The Roly Mo and Armstrong!

Brenna and Jamie of the.ride are how I discovered The Hunna and Himalayas.

Buzzkill Magazine is how I discovered Inhaler, Lauran Hibberd, and Spector!

Leah and Bethanne of She Will Rock You introduced me to Des Rocs and Ariel Bellvalaire.

Mooncrush Magazine is why I know about Big Smile Revival.

My friend Darya, who founded Miss Mephistopheles is the reason I know about artists like Charlie Cunningham, Fuzzy Sun, and The Amazons!

Soft Sound Press, founded by Paige Williams, better known as PaigeBackstage, is how I discovered artists like Emily Wolfe, Chris Farren, Evan Konrad, Rarity, Heavy Hearts, and Heart Attack Man. Allyson is the reason I know about Wallows. Erin is the reason
I know about Moon Fever.

One of my favorite friends is Kyle Duke, known for his work with BRKN LOVE and his band Kyle Duke & The Brown Bag Boys. He does production for many artists, and he’s the reason I discovered Vanderwoolf, Nepenthe, Grace Ludmila, and SaintAhmad. He has also worked with Tummyache, a project by Soren Bryce. I’ve discovered artists like Conversing With Oceans, Pool Cosby, Joe Vann, Linus Fenton, John Jin Han, Thank You Come Again, Gouge Away, and Broken Baby because of her. Because of Kyle, I know about Vanderwoolf and it’s how I crossed paths with Max Yassky and Ashlyn Kersten. They are the reason I know about artists like K!lly Idol, Ewe Dew, Petal Crush, Upright Man, Patch Kid, and How Tragic. & Justin of BRKN LOVE is why I know about Dead Poet Society, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Skindred,  and Reignwolf! 

My friend Lea, who founded Lost Highway is the reason why I know about artists like The Jins and Roxx Revolt & The Velvets!

Karrie McGillivray is another friend who has introduced me to so many artists, including Rozie Baker, Lily Vance, Beauxx, Teenage Wrist, Mia Morris, Lev and Odd Snakes!

Ready the Prince was a band that was so different from everything I was listening to when I discovered them, and he’s the reason I know about ZIG MENTALITY. I remember watching him do a cover of Stoned Love during an RTP livestream. I discovered artists like Lost Arts, The OBGMs, Sjay, CRASHFACE, and Lauryn MacFarlane because of him!   

My friend Sydney Yokley, who founded Solar Soundtrack is the reason I know about artists Waterparks, Stand Atlantic, Claud, WSTR, and Conan Gray.

All of these people are people I’m proud to call my friends. By having an open mind, I was able to discover countless artists that I never would’ve discovered unless I was open minded. The people you meet matter just as much as the music you discover. These artists mean more because your friend introduced you to it. Someone who means something to you, and whenever you hear those songs you are reminded of your friendship.

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a year ago

Omg I'm so glad you were able to discover so many bands through SSP. 😭 You've helped me to find so many classic rock bands that I missed from my parents' collections!! I love our lil community on here. 💖

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