Under The Radar: The Laughing Dogs

Published on 6 October 2021 at 09:01

I got into The Laughing Dogs after I saw a copy of “The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers” on vinyl. There was something that stuck out to me about it and I couldn’t leave it there. So, I get it. “Melody Love” becomes my favorite song ever, and it happens with every other track on that album too.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve spun this album. I eventually started my hunt for the first album, and thanks to my friend Chris, I got an original white label promo for $1.

The Laughing Dogs are amazing band to me because they are one of many truly great, yet overlooked bands.

They're so original and their songs are executed with gusto, and it makes listeners want to listen to their songs again and again.

There’s something about these bands and the approach they took to music.

They are truly great and if you dig deep enough they can be found, so maybe at the end of the day, they are best kept secrets.

From what I’ve figured out, the key to anything is that it exists. If it exists, it can be found. If it can be found, if can be discovered. If it can be discovered it can be shared.

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