Retronaut Favorites: The Ting Tings

Published on 29 September 2021 at 09:17

My earliest memory of The Ting Tings is from when my dad used to play their song “That’s Not My Name” from a Monitor This! sampler he had.

Eventually we got a copy of “Sounds From Nowheresville” and we listened to it literally everyday.

We were able to get a copy of “We Started Nothing” through our local library and we became obsessed with that album too.

Ever since we got into those two albums, we’ve checked out all of their albums.

The craziest thing about The Ting Tings, is that every time they release an album, it sounds it's completely different from the album before it.

I remember having a phase with each of their albums when they were released. This is because it we looked forward to their albums, and  because they never disappoint. A new Ting Tings album means a unique album, and they are great because they don't sound like everyone else.

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