Retronaut Favorites: Billy Squier

Published on 15 September 2021 at 09:41

My earliest memories of hearing Billy Squier is from when I was a kid. My brother and I got into “Lonely Is The Night” from Guitar Hero: Rocks The ‘80s" when we were growing up.

I also recall seeing copies of “Emotions In Motion” and “Don’t Say No” at the 24 South Main location of Gallery Of Sound before it closed.

When I first got into my dad’s band, “L.A. Trash”, he mentioned that his singer, Alan, used to break out into certain songs during rehearsals, and “The Big Beat” was one of them. I featured "The Big Beat" on the first mixtape I ever made in 2013.

I eventually checked out “The Tale Of The Tape” and it became one of my favorite albums. Songs like "Rich Kid", "Who Knows What A Love Can Do", and "Young Girls" are songs that made his debut a classic.

Most people know him for "The Stroke", but he is one of many artists that have so many incredible songs in their catalog besides their hits. He is also a rare example of someone who has hit songs that are really good as well as fantastic deep cuts.

Every album of his is great because it's unique. He's not trying to imitate anyone. Billy Squier is creating his own kind of music and that's why he's great. He's not afraid to be original.

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