Premiere: Liberty Deep Down

Published on 16 September 2021 at 10:04

Liberty Deep Down, or LDD for short, are an energetic rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Combining soaring melodies with catchy synth, huge riffs, and strong beats, they deliver their take on pop-rock with a unique edge and passionate sense of dynamic. Having played shows big and small with artists of various genres, LDD always stand their ground and make their mark on stage to leave fans wanting more.

Liberty Deep Down's latest tune is an introvert anthem. It's a song that introverts can relate to, and it's an interesting song, because most songs are about being extroverted and it's unrealistic unless you relate to that.

I realized when I was younger that I'm an ambivert, which means that I have extroverted qualities and introvert qualities, and I always found that fascinating because I'm very social, but I'm also okay with hanging out by myself too. I always thought it could only be one way, but it can be both.

This song is one that many people will relate to, because ever since the pandemic started, I was comfortable quarantining. I remember that it was during Spring Break and I was home working on content for GenClash and I was listening to records from my record collection.

If the pandemic gave us anything, it was what felt like too much free time. I used this time to finish writing my book, continue going to college, and run I assure you, it's not so bad to be an introvert.

Even if you aren't one, learn to embrace the time you have to yourself...because sometimes we are better left out, especially if something great will come out of that alone time. Also, socializing takes a lot of listen to Liberty Deep Down. They're right.

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