Generation Clash Magazine's Offline Music Recs

Published on 1 September 2021 at 10:22

In our bi-monthly magazine, we feature 10 songs that aren't on Spotify. These artists are able to be found on YouTube. CC discovered them from her record collection and her dad's CD collection.

She took the time to look these songs up on YouTube, and create a playlist so our readers can check out these fantastic tunes!

Our playlist includes songs by: Jughead, Burning Rome, Skyhooks, Dear Mr. President, The Poorboys, Blackeyed Susan, Young Turk, The Boyzz, Intaferon, New Adventures, Rock Rose, Hounds, The Wolves, Joey Wilson, Cory Wells, Flying Squad, L.A. Trash, Boxer, The Romeos, Bobby Henry, Reggie Knighton, and more!!!

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