Under The Radar: Waysted

Published on 14 July 2021 at 09:54

I first found about Waysted in April 2015, during a day when we were going to go to the record store, but we decided to stay home and dig through our own collection instead.

Oddly, I didn’t think about it then, but it was during those days that I ended finding some of my favorite artists without planning it.

On this day in particular, my dad decided to spin Waysted’s debut album, “Vices”. I had never listened to Waysted before, but somehow my dad always manages to unearth another gem from his collection.

I’ve gone through his collection with him multiple times, so it blows my mind, that we're still discovering unique artists.

There also was a phase in 2014/2015 when he would let me go through different sections of his collection. He’d let be borrow certain albums to listen to them on my turntable, and then I'd return them when I was done listening to them.

The day we listened to Waysted, it was because I had his Waysted albums upstairs with the albums I had borrowed, and we listened to “Vices” together and it was amazing.

I have the most vivid memory of hearing their version of “Somebody To Love”, and I remember realizing what song it was, and I knew every word and in that moment, I knew that I loved Waysted.

All their albums are fantastic!! They're considered to be a supergroup because Pete Way and Paul Raymond are from UFO, Frank Noon is from Def Leppard, and Fin is actually from an obscure rock band called Flying Squad!

On their 1984 EP, Andy Parker of UFO plays drums! On their second album, Paul "Tonka" Chapman plays guitar. On their "Save Your Prayers", Danny Vaughn (who went on to be in Tyketto) was their vocalist.

It's fascinating how these obscure bands contained so many great musicians, and not many people know about them these days. The only way to know about them these days is to know someone who knows about Waysted, or to go to a record store.

This wasn't the music that was put in front of us, this is the music that is meant to be discovered. All the best music is found by digging deep.

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