How The Hell Do People Not See How Good This Is?

Published on 25 June 2021 at 13:52

Every week, I discover countless new discoveries. Some older acts, some newer acts...but what I'm always amazed by is how many great acts are overlooked, while ordinary acts become popular and this is only because they are promoted.

This is a topic I talk about often but it's because music promotion is very, very important. This includes seeing an album in a record store, posters, promo displays, they are all ways to be introduced to new acts. 

The artists I included in this playlist are ones that I found from going through my dad's collection, and from going to record stores. 

These 60 artists are special to me because they are all artists that I listen to and wonder why more people don't talk about them. Why do on one of my friends listen to these artists? These artists make me wonder "How the hell do people not see how good this?" and it makes me want to share these artists because they deserve to be heard.

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