Retronaut Selects: The Rockets - No Ballads (1980)

Published on 24 May 2021 at 14:03

I first found out about The Rockets because of record shopping. I remember seeing this album for a few dollars and the vinyl was really beat up, so I didn't get it.

I eventually realized that I had never seen it at any of the other record stores I was shopping at, so it made me think that it was rare.

During another visit, I took a look at the album, and it only had surface marks. I decided to get this album and add it to my collection. I've never seen it since I got it! So, it is rare! My copy is a white label promo too!

I love this album. It's just so good. The Rockets are one of the many bands that were clearly amazing, but they needed more promotion. I think about how there are so many bands that aren't as well known as they should be because of promotion, because if you listen to any of these artists, the talent is there. They just needed that one person that would take the time to promote them.

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