Retronaut Selects: Simon F - Never Never Land (1987)

Published on 10 May 2021 at 15:54

Never Never Land is an album that I waited a long time to hear. It was never on Spotify, and I was never able to find a copy of it on vinyl.

The only songs I ever knew were American Dream and Love Bomb since I found the 45 one day when I was record shopping. I always loved American Dream and I wanted to find the album.

Eventually, I was able to find a sealed copy and I finally got to hear this album and...I love it.

It's fantastic because it was when artists were using electronic sounds in their music, but still playing real instruments too. I love music from that time period because they used both human and machine, and it made music more diverse. This is because it wasn't just guitars or just drum machines.

Artists like Simon F were making music that made people open minded because he wasn't one genre, he was rock and pop. It's very easy to be one genre, but to include more than one genre shows that the artist is open-minded, and the listener can become more open minded, simply because they were willing to go out of their comfort zone.

Essential Tracks: Deauville Beach, American Dream, Baby's In Black

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