Retronaut Selects: The Long Ryders - State Of Our Union (1985)

Published on 5 May 2021 at 14:58

I found about The Long Ryders after talking to a friend of mine about Mother May I, and he told me that one of their members liked them.

I had never heard of them before, but I wanted to hear what The Long Ryders sounded like, so I checked out their album "State Of Our Union" and "Lights Of Downtown" became my first favorite song by them.

I finally got this album on vinyl in February 2021! I was really impressed by it. It was so unique and it's really good music.

The Long Ryders are an interesting band because they combine Americana and rock, and from what I've heard most bands only have one genre, in the 1970s ad 1980s, bands like Blackfoot and Nantucket combined southern rock and hard rock, so it sounded cooler. It was different than what we were hearing, these guys were combining genres instead of playing one. This makes music more accessible to listeners, because there's more sounds then just rock, it can appeal to hard rock fans and southern rock fans.

Essential Tracks: Lights Of Downtown, WDIA, Looking For Lewis and Clark

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